Monday, January 12, 2009

Yearly Awards Shows Rant

Hello all!

I just realized I've almost let the award show season pass me by without weighing in on the winners (and losers) of our glitzy Hollywood annual back-slap fests:

The winners: who cares?

The losers: Anybody who was looking forward to watching an actual television show.

Seriously? The People's Choice Awards on CBS Wednesday at 8? Don't they realize that if the People had a Choice, the People would very likely Choose to watch the People's Choice of actual television on Wednesday night (in my case, that would have been "Criminal Minds")?

Okay, so that's not actually a substantive argument. It's more my personal gripe. I'd rather see an "un-sub" brought to justice by the BAU in a gripping tele-drama than watch a small statue be delivered to Hugh Laurie (Did Hugh Laurie win? I'd simply die if he didn't!) so he can prattle on for a bit until the music starts.

Now for the substance. Yes, really.

The economy is in the tank. It's not getting any better. Our Congress mercilessly grilled the Big 3 CEOs about their private jet use (rightfully), and the left screamed kudos to them from the rooftops.

And now, once again this year, we're inundated with the Hollywood left-pets parading up and down the red carpet (Is it still red? I'd simply die if it wasn't) in suits and gowns and jewelry that cost more than the Gross National Product of Taiwan.

I swear, one of these years they're going to wise up and just release a list of all the winners. That way, I can watch Criminal Minds (If it's still on. I'll simply die if it isn't.), and those who care can look up the list and wonder why Hope and Faith didn't win best comedy.

What? That show got cancelled? I'm simply gonna... nevermind.

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