Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shuttle Snub

I'm so mad I can't even stand it. Johnson Space Center has seen astronauts safely through hundreds of missions over more than 500 million miles (and that's just the shuttles).

Still, after all the love, support, time, tears, prayers, and everything else this Great State of Texas has given to NASA over the years, we will not be the home to any of the retired orbiters.

I am saddened and angered beyond belief.

People from so-called "flyover country" are snubbed once again.

Kennedy Space Center in Florida will get Atlantis
The California Science Center in LA will get Endeavour
The Intrepid Museum in NYC will get Enterprise (currently at the Smithsonian)
The Smithsonian will get Discovery

Florida deserves the honor of hosting a retired Shuttle. The Smithsonian is a logical choice, as well, but there's already one there.

I also see the need for having one on the West Coast.

But the Intrepid Museum and the Smithsonian are less than 250 miles away from each other.

There is no reasonable explanation for this garbage.