Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Why is it that Texas spent so much money convincing its voters to pass a resolution setting caps on medical malpractice suit damages?

We were told that the high cost of medmal insurance premiums (and, by extension, the high cost of health care itself) was due to an "epidemic" of frivolous lawsuits, and the only remedy was to keep people from filing them.


It was last year that the thing was passed, and doctors' premium rates haven't gone down one iota.

Great huh? I know, I know, those of you from other states are shaking your heads at the stupidity of the people of Texas, right? Well, let me tell ya, folks; Texas ain't the first to do it, and unless the American people wake up, it certainly won't be the last.

That's it.


mario said...

Congratulations to me for being your first commenter.

And best of luck to you to.

As regards to Texas and stupidity -
yes I have to admit Texas was late to the party on this particular asininity.

But they more than made up for it with the GOP platform last week.

If you want an answer to your question:

1. They wanted to stick it to the attorney's. You cut off their income and you cut off a major source of Democratic funding. As we know, DeLay wants to turn the state into the Texas Rebublic of Republicans.

2. I imagine the insurance companies stand to gain somewhat.

Did anyone publicize any facts about this? Number of lawsuits, average award, effect on profits - that kind of thing?

Rattlbug said...

Though I am unfamiliar with the tests that you speak of it would appear that since "they are the only game in town" that the price is theirs to set at whatever level they desire. It does appear to be quite high and I would wonder if it should not be at least half of the amount that you indicated.

As to caps on medical malpractice lawsuits. I agree that there should be limits set in certian types of cases. As Mario has stated though we would need some sort of guideline concerning average payouts to really get into the subject.