Friday, June 18, 2004

And God Said... Let There Be Monopoly

I recently graduated from law school, and have begun studying to take the Bar Exam here in Texas. As I move along, I will be posting comments about my journey into "the dark side."

But first, I'd like to invite any comment on the effective monopoly that is BarBri.

For those of you unaware, BarBri is the "preeminent" Bar review course to take in order to prepare for the Bar Exam. Everyone takes it, if only because it's the only real game in town.

They tout their success levels at every turn. 90% of people who take BarBri (we are told) go on to pass the Bar on their first try. Well, you'd be an idiot not to take it, right?

The problem is, it costs about $2,400. Now, this ordinarily wouldn't be a big deal, considering the benefit that's undoubtedly conferred by a structured system of study. My only gripe is that, by my estimation, their overhead can't possibly be more than $100-$250 per student.

I'm not against someone turning a profit. Not even a big one. But where does it end? And what can we do to stop it?

Man, I wish I'd taken that Anti-Trust class.

That's all.


American Bad OZ said...

Well, I am 2 for 2 with BarBRI, and although it is expensive, I am satisfied with the result.

You are overlooking that the books [I think I had 6 here in GA] need to be researched and republished at least twice a year [for the July and February exams], and they have to rent the space [my most recent one was at ritzy Emory Law School]. And there are the travelling professors, who jet from state-to-state for the state-specific and general test subjects.

If the price is too high, then competitors should be able to move into the market and do something about Convisor's monopolistic hold on the market. Maybe we should start our OWN!!??!!

[No, this is not an imposter; OZ really is championing the Free Market System!]

Aggle said...

I wasn't overlooking those factors. R&D, airfare, facilities, etc., spread out over literally tens of thousands of students?

I'd like to see a breakdown of their profits, & where it all comes from.

Other than that, sure, let's start our own bar reciew. We could start out in Texas & Georgia, and then branch out from there.

American Bad OZ said...

On second thought, that is all I need: another career! I already have 2, and am looking for an attorneys position to eliminate one.

[Dang, I never thought he would take me up on the offer!]