Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alito vs. Obama

Our Supreme Court Justices are generally supposed to be staid and unflappable. Occasionally, though, we get something fun like Scalia allegedly using an obscene hand gesture to a reporter, or Sotomayor grinding on the dance floor at a post-swearing-in-bacchanalia.

But, usually, they keep pretty low-key. That's why it's confusing to me that bunches of folks in the press (and a whole host of lefty bloggers) are making it seem as if Alito jumped out of his chair foaming at the mouth, and went for the President's throat right then and there. Like he went from Doctor Jekyll to Mr. Hyde and tore Schumer's head off (because he was handy) before picking up Sotomayor and flinging her broken body into the upper reaches of the gallery. He didn't "wince." He didn't frown. He shook his head, and quietly took Obama to school.

To those of you in the media (or blogs) who are even calling it a "breach of decorum," well, if the camera had stayed where Obama wanted it to stay (squarely on him, the handsome devil) nobody ever would have known about it. Except maybe Cheshire Cat Pelosi (is it just me, or did she look, well, wierd?).

Since Justice Alito is constrained from saying what he probably wants to say in response to Obama's little, though, I thought I'd take a shot...

"How did this guy ever get a job teaching ConLaw at U. of Chicago?"

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