Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mac vs. PC -- Am I a Fluke?

I'll start by saying I've never owned a Mac. I've played around a bit with friends' Macs, and it seems like they do pretty much the same stuff as my PCs.

I've owned a grand total of 3 PCs over the past 12 years. The first was a pieces-parts comp-in-a-box that I got for a whopping $300; the second, an Emachines that I bought shortly before law school (again, about $300); and the third, a loaded Dell desktop that I bought for $450 off of Dell's outlet website (this one I still have).

And I've never had a serious problem with any of them. Free firewalls and free anti-virus/anti-spyware programs are wonderful things, I guess, because I've never experienced an attack on my computer. Not one of those computers was replaced because of crashes, viruses, or "headaches." Simple obsolescence did the trick.

Also, an occasional warning or error message when I install a new peripheral or piece of software hardly (to my mind, at least) doesn't rise to the level of the "thousands of viruses and tons of headaches" that the Mac people keep telling me about.

So my question(s): Am I a fluke? Should I be scared of continuing on my PC-paved road to oblivion? Should I take out a second mortgage on my house and buy a Mac?

Please let me know.

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