Saturday, May 02, 2009

Aggle for Supreme Court

In my new series of musical promotions of my candidacy for the Supreme Court to replace Justice Souter, I will expand on my musical bio begun in the last such post.

The place where I come from is a small town
They think so small, they use small words
But not me
I'm smarter than that, I've worked it out
I'll be stretching my mouth
To let those big words come right out


My parties have all the big names
And I greet them with the widest smile
Tell them how my life is one big adventure
And always they're amazed
When I show them round my house to my bed
I had it made like a mountain range
With a snow-white pillow for my big fat head
And my Heaven will be a big Heaven
And I will walk through the front door.

Big time
I'm on my way, I'm making it
Big time
I've got to make it show, yeah
Big time
So much larger than life
Big time
I'm going to watch it growing

Big time.

Indeed. I'm a much neater person than I originally thought.

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