Friday, July 18, 2008

Barbie's Getting Some Step-Sisters

No, I'm not talking about Cinderella. If I were, then Mattel wouldn't be able to rest from the round of litigation it just won against the makers of Bratz.

I'm talking about the federal jury verdict that determined the fella who came up with Bratz (or, as I call them, "Cosmetology-school dolls") did so while he was working at Mattel (insert standard IP contract terms here).

Wonderful. The Barbie Dreamhouse is going to have to build some additions.

Aside from the millions of dollars Mattel is likely to win in the next round, they'll also probably be able to form the world's first "Doll foster family." The heavily made-up Bratz dolls will descend on Barbie's white-bread utopia of a life, bringing a bit of ghetto with them. They'll teach Barbie the importance of bling. Barbie will stop driving that little corvette and get an Escalade instead. Conspicuous consumption and a steadfast reliance on the toy-cosmetics industry will be Barbie's new rule.

Ahhh. I just hope there aren't any gang members in the Bratz line. Barbie's likely to get shivved.

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