Monday, August 15, 2005

Tom Delay -- Please Don't Argue My Side (Or Anything Remotely Like It)

One of our illustrious House Leaders from Texas has been shooting off his mouth again lately.

Tom Delay is still going hog-wild on the "Judges-as-legislators" kick.

Grand. Just what I, and every truly law-abiding member of the conservative public needs. Does anyone wonder what it does to our argument when it's being made by one of the poster-boys for federal politics in the corporate washroom? Has anyone told Mr. Delay that he just might be hurting more than he's helping?

I'm sorry. I fully agree that there's too much legislating going on in the halls of the judiciary. Delay's right on that score. But his comments (and those of many of his fellow speakers at the event) come way too close to implicating the destruction of the independent judiciary.

And I'd like to remind Mr. Delay that, though "All wisdom does not reside in nine persons in black robes," if even a little bit of wisdom resided in 435 persons in tailored suits, those nine persons in black robes would be that much less relevant.

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